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angular 4 hammer config

hammer is a very nice library to make detecting different types of touches very easy. from everything i read, it sounded like angular had some built in support for hammer. the problem came when i needed to configure hammer, for example, we were only interested in detecting horizontal swipes, but we still wanted to be able to scroll vertically, so it wasn’t exactly clear how to achieve that. there are two great tutorials (one, two) available, but they didn’t go into detail on how to pass configuration to hammer, other than the fine-grained configuration on how how each recognizer behaves.

automating tedious tasks in visual studio 2005 with macros and autohotkey

yes, we are still using visual studio 2005 for our development, although we hope to cut over to 2010 in the next few weeks. anyways, a customer was having problems printing reports to a particular printer, and from previous research i knew the problem was turning the “No Printer” option on in the crystal reports designer.

finding the index of a datarow in the currencymanager

after much searching and reading many blogs and forums, i never found a comprehensive answer on the best way to get the index of a datarow from the currencymanager in i found a few posts that led me in the right direction, not none that did exactly what i wanted. so this is what i came up with, i’m not sure if it’s the most efficient, but it seems to work.

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